Updates and novelties for smoother procurement procedures

In 2024 RYCO introduced new procurement procedures that bring more alignment with contract procedures for European Union external action (PRAG) and RYCO Statute as well. This implies more autonomy and clarity in the process, but also greater responsibility, especially for Local Branch Offices (LBOs), who are now recognized as sole contract signatories in Contracting Parties (CPs).

For all procedures, including tender dossiers of greater value for which core staff from the RYCO Head Office is endorsed, the Review and Endorsement Matrix is introduced to clarify the obligations, responsibilities, and approval processes. The role of the Secretary General in the process is now more focused on the end of the process rather than on the operational part.  

Procurement updates also contribute to higher uniformity by eliminating a mix of wording and practices from different donors as documentation now follows guidelines set out in PRAG, which are regularly updated by the European Commission. As now tender dossier templates are considered as working documents, no approval is required from the Governing Board. 


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