RYCO’s Active Participation at the Third Belgrade Symposium on History Teaching

Belgrade, April 15, 2024 – Emphasizing its dedication to educational advancement and intercultural dialogue, RYCO played a pivotal role in the Third Belgrade Symposium on History Teaching. Held on April 11th and 12th as part of the 75th anniversary of the Council of Europe, the symposium brought together a diverse group of history educators and professionals from across Europe.

Themed “Disarming History,” the event facilitated a wealth of discussions on innovative practices in history teaching. The opening session featured notable addresses from Janoš Babić, Head of the Council of Europe Mission in Belgrade, H.E. Silvia Davidou, Ambassador of Romania to Serbia, H.E. Edward Ferguson, Ambassador of the British Embassy in Serbia, and Prof. Dr. Milan Stančić, Vice-Dean for Teaching at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade.

One of the symposium’s key panels, “Reconciliation through History Teaching,” took place at the French Embassy with introductory remarks by H.E. Pierre Cochard, Ambassador of France to Serbia. This panel included influential speakers such as H.E. Anke Konrad, Ambassador of Germany to Serbia, René Trokaz, Ambassador and Special Envoy for the Western Balkans from France, and Prof. Dr. Marko Šuica from the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. The discussions were geared towards understanding the processes and perspectives of reconciliation in Europe, emphasizing the symposium’s goal of fostering democratic culture and intercultural understanding.

RYCO’s significant contribution was highlighted during the panel discussion “Building Paths to Reconciliation: How Youth Can Overcome the Legacy of Conflict by Confronting Different National Historical Narratives.” Moderated by the Head of the Local Branch Office Ms. Marija Bulat, the panel featured Fin Morten Hekert of OHTE, Igor Mijović, Vice President of the Ostrogorski Student History Club, and Nadira Ćurulija from the RYCO branch office in Sarajevo. The discussion centered on the empowerment of youth to actively participate in shaping a peaceful future through education.

During a dynamic round table discussion at the Belgrade Symposium on History Teaching, Ms. Nadira Ćurulija, emphasized the significance of non-formal education in fostering inclusivity and understanding among youth, particularly through exchange programs like Superschools. 

The overall discussion underscored RYCO’s commitment to promoting peace education and cross-cultural dialogue among young people across the Western Balkans. Through collaborative efforts with esteemed partners, RYCO continues to facilitate initiatives that empower youth to embrace diverse perspectives and build bridges toward a shared future.



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