Secretary General of RYCO delivers a speech on the YPS Agenda to the UNSC

RYCO Secretary General, Albert Hani, participated as a speaker at the side event on the Youth, Peace and Security agenda, organized by the Permanent Missions of Albania, France and Germany to the United Nations. The event was organized with the aim to exchange insights and best practices related to youth-led initiatives in the context of reconciliation and peacebuilding, highlighting the positive impact of young people in these processes.

In his speech, RYCO SG emphasized that the co-management principle of RYCO directly enables meaningful youth participation in decision-making, and also guides the overall approach to peacebuilding, reconciliation, and youth empowerment.

“The YPS agenda and the UNSC resolution, have highlighted the need for young people to be center staged, be the primary actors, and involve them in crosscutting issues. At a smaller scale, regional level, RYCO is shaping itself as main regional actor for the YPS agenda. This comes also as demand from young people of the region, that paced their needs and concerns in the Berlin Youth declaration, and asked leaders of the Balkans to take actions, get involved as well as support the YPS agenda”, said SG Hani.

RYCO, as SG Hani noted, stands as a testament to unwavering commitment and vision that enables youth to be driving force leading towards stable and peaceful WB.

“As we are on the same mission, let us join forces to empowering young minds, involve them in decision-making processes, provide regional opportunities, support their visionary projects and boost their capabilities. We need the youth here to help us shaping a brighter future, and they need us to support them not just with strong statements but also with deeds and funds,” he concluded.

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