Taking Joint Actions for Peace-Meet up on UN YPS Agenda in Belgrade

Belgrade – RYCO Local Branch Office in Serbia jointly with National Youth Council of Serbia (KOMS) organized a Meet up on UN Youth, Peace and Security Agenda on 16th October 2023. This event served as a bridge connecting international and local stakeholders in Serbia, all committed to advancing the principles and goals outlined in the UN Agenda Youth, Peace and Security, as well as other related UN Agendas. The event provided a platform for discussion of results of the “Analysis of the UN Agenda 2250 in the Context of Serbia” and explored current and potential joint activities at the local and regional level within this agenda.

Head of RYCO office in Serbia Ms. Marija Bulat in her opening remarks emphasized the pressing need to prioritize the YPS agenda in today’s turbulent world. In her words, she articulated that amidst the ongoing global challenges, the YPS agenda stands as a beacon of hope and a practical framework for fostering peace. She further stressed the importance of collaboration in advancing the YPS agenda and encouraged joint efforts and partnerships among stakeholders. Such collaboration would not only bolster the YPS agenda but also create a broader, more inclusive platform for advocating peace and security. Namely, active involvement of young individuals in their communities is paramount for the successful realization of YPS priorities. By working directly with local youth, we can ensure that the YPS agenda is not just a lofty set of ideals but a tangible and achievable path to peace. RYCO will support youth organizations in their strivings to implement YPS Agenda priorities, and in these KOMS is our crucial partner as the highest representative body of young people in Serbia. Ms. Miljana Pejić, Secretary General of KOMS highlighted the fact that youth-led activities supported jointly and strategically by all stakeholders are of crucial importance for the development of peaceful societies in which young people have active and lead roles. “Analysis of the UN Agenda 2250 in the Context of Serbia” which KOMS will publish is one of the ways that can help in developing and implementing necessary actions that will foster peacebuilding processes, youth inclusion and democracy processes.

On the importance of UN YPS Agenda and its implementation in the welcoming parts remarks were given as well by Ms. Milena Stošić, RYCO Head of Programs as well Ms. Brankica Janković, The Commissioner for Protection of Equality in Serbia. Ms. Janković underlined that this institution will be committed together with other stakeholders from Serbia to develop and implement a local roadmap for the implementation of this Agenda. Ms. Aleksandra Mihajlović, Program Assistant in KOMS presented the priorities of the UN Agenda 2250 Youth, peace and security as well findings of Analysis: current situation of the implementation of the UN Agenda 2250 in Serbia. Ms. Mirela Rajković, RYCO Senior Advocacy Officer moderated discussion on the findings of the Analysis and which concrete actions can be made on local and regional level. All present stakeholders, representatives of institutions, international organizations, embassies, UN Agencies, local foundations and youth organizations unanimously agreed that joint work will be necessary in the future period and expressed commitment to be part of this process.

The aspiration to build an inclusive and just peace encouraged the adoption of the Youth, Peace and Security Agenda. Founded in United Nations Security Council Resolution 2250, the Agenda emphasizes the importance of involving youth in all phases of peacebuilding, from conflict prevention to rebuilding trust and cooperation after conflict. The development of the Regional Agenda for Youth, Peace and Security for the Western Balkans is one of RYCO’s strategic priorities until 2025. KOMS also works strategically at the local level to achieve the goals set in UN Agenda 2250 and together with the RYCO office in Serbia will work on the development and implementation of the Regional Agenda in the coming period.


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