Donika Zogu

Donika Zogu

Youth Representative of Kosovo*

Donika Zogu has a long experience in the civil society that has been working, managing and implementing projects for more than 5 years, with the aim of empowering the youth! Donika has just finished her studies at the University of Pristina at the Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Social Work and at AAB University at the Faculty of Arts, Fashion Design.


Currently, Donika directs and manages programs at LDA Europe where she is also a member of the Board for the Western Balkans and Europe. She is also the president of LYAC-Drenas, a member of the Board in the Kosovo-Serbia Civil Dialogue, Coordinator of the "Month of Diaspora" Festival, member of the Municipal Commission for Community Security. These are some of Donike's current commitments, while in the past, she has extended her activity in several different fields that have contributed, as a member of the Municipal Elections Commission, representative in the Kosovo Pupils Council, Literature Trainer Media, intern at the Ministry of Justice in the Department of Social Policies, etc.


Donika is known as a results-oriented and highly motivated professional with a proven track record in project management and writing. She knows well the work she has done for many years as a trainer for Soft Skills, Critical Thinking, Campaign Management, Public Speaking, Leadership, etc. It is a voice in youth advocacy, aimed at capacity building and empowering young people in decision-making.


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