Youth Representatives

Youth Representative of Montenegro

Ms Jelena Fuštić is licensed youth activist and social worker from Montenegro. She has over six years of experience in youth and civil sector which involves coordination of national and regional projects on topics such as: youth employability, education, active involvement in decision making processes, prevention of violent extremism, intercultural dialogue etc.

She has also been active advocate for enabling better environment for personal, social and professional youth growth by being part of consultations' groups for designing strategies, action plans and other relevant documents, such as working group for development of Youth Guarantee scheme in Montenegro, in which she is one of the members.

Jelena especially enjoys in working directly with other young people, as she is a certified trainer and supervisor within multiple intercultural exchanges, as well as in constant learning, being alumni of Caux scholar program and many others.

Currently, she is at the position of Executive Director of Forum MNE, a youth organisation in Montenegro.

Youth Representative of North Macedonia
Mr Maleski is a Researcher and youth activist from Reactor - Research in Action and active in the youth field for the last nine years. During these nine years, he has been the President of the National Youth Council of Macedonia and represented the organization both nationally and internationally. Furthermore, he has participated in a number of events organized within the Berlin Process, by the European Youth Forum, the United Nations ECOSOC, the European Commission and the European Parliament.
He has also been an important voice advocating for more and better youth policies in North Macedonia and the region. In the past years, he has been working closely with the youth sector in addressing this need for new and better policies. He was also a youth representative in the working group for the development of the Law on Youth Participation and Youth Policies, which was designed in a unique participatory atmosphere together with representatives from the Parliament of North Macedonia. The work of the working group resulted in the first Law on Youth adopted in January 2020.

Youth Representative of Kosovo*

Donika Zogu has a long experience in the civil society that has been working, managing and implementing projects for more than 5 years, with the aim of empowering the youth! Donika has just finished her studies at the University of Pristina at the Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Social Work and at AAB University at the Faculty of Arts, Fashion Design.


Currently, Donika directs and manages programs at LDA Europe where she is also a member of the Board for the Western Balkans and Europe. She is also the president of LYAC-Drenas, a member of the Board in the Kosovo-Serbia Civil Dialogue, Coordinator of the "Month of Diaspora" Festival, member of the Municipal Commission for Community Security. These are some of Donike's current commitments, while in the past, she has extended her activity in several different fields that have contributed, as a member of the Municipal Elections Commission, representative in the Kosovo Pupils Council, Literature Trainer Media, intern at the Ministry of Justice in the Department of Social Policies, etc.


Donika is known as a results-oriented and highly motivated professional with a proven track record in project management and writing. She knows well the work she has done for many years as a trainer for Soft Skills, Critical Thinking, Campaign Management, Public Speaking, Leadership, etc. It is a voice in youth advocacy, aimed at capacity building and empowering young people in decision-making.

Youth Representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Youth Representative of Albania

Klajdi Priska serves as Policy Officer and as Project Manager at the National Youth
Congress of Albania. Mr. Priska holds a bachelor’s in computer science and has
graduated the professional courses of economics and political sciences. He
completed his studies in the Humboldt University of Berlin and University of
Tirana. Part of his education is also a series of non-formal learning in Erasmus+
programme along with international seminars and conferences.

Previously he has worked in the Albanian Parliament in collaboration with the
NDI, assisting MPs on administrative and public work. He has moderated for
multiple foundations including UN agencies and serving as project
coordinator/assistant in international foundations. He has been part of youth
policy making groups and acted as foreign affairs coordinator in Albanian political
youth forums. Throughout his career, he has engaged in capacity building and has
volunteered in the Civil Society continuously and worked with CSO’s to promote
their activities.

Currently Mr. Priska as Policy Officer of the National Youth Congress of Albania,
organises stakeholders’ meetings, documenting, and following up with important
actions and decisions and develops project strategies by maintaining, and
developing further the foreign relations of the organisation. He handles regional
cooperation and is the delegate of KRK at the European Youth Forum.
Additionally, he oversees the implementation of Youth, Peace, and Security
Agenda in Albania and the region in accordance the United Nations.

Furthermore, he has for the last three years in four consecutive seasons lead the
project “RinON part of RinVote Series” implemented in close collaboration with
Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and in partnership with
EuroNews Albania. Where he has utilized his academic and professional
background to handle the majority aspects of implementing this project. At all
times, his efforts are in accordance with his personal, national and European


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