Vladimir Gjorgjevski

Vladimir Gjorgjevski

Head of Local Branch Office, Skopje

Mr Gjorgjevski has been active in the field of youth work for more than 13 years. He joined as a participant and volunteer in the Center for Education and Development - CED in 2008 where he soon became a project manager and one of the core members of the organisation. He has managed various projects supported by Youth in Action; Erasmus+; Pestalozzi Foundation; UNDP; UNEP; USAID; KURVE Wustrow; Friedenkreis Halle; SWGRRD; Euronatur; NYCM, etc. mainly targeting youth and youth workers on youth engagement, natural protection, intercultural education, employment, (social) entrepreneurship, conflict transformation, migration, etc. 

Additionally, as a freelance trainer and project manager, he has supported the creation and development of many grassroots initiatives, youth groups, and organisations in Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, Ireland, Finland, Serbia, Turkey, etc. and has managed and facilitated/ trained many youth exchanges, trainings and strategic partnerships all over Europe.

He is the co-founder and president of the Association for Education and Sustainable Development - Bright (2019) which since the early beginning created a strong partnerships network and is implementing strategic partnership projects, training for school directors and youth workers, youth exchanges, etc. 

Mr Gjorgjevski is (co)author of several manuals, booklets, and policy papers for youth workers, youth, and vocational education.

He holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Economics from the South East European University in North Macedonia and a Diploma paper for International Youth Work from the Pestalozzi Foundation in Switzerland. 

From March 2018 until March 2021 Mr Gjorgjevski served as a Youth Representative of North Macedonia in the Governing Board of RYCO.

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