The delegation from Germany visits LBO in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Minister for Federal and European Affairs and Representative of the State of Hesse to the Federal Government of Germany Lucia Puttrich and her colleagues visited RYCO Local Brunch Office in Bosnia and Hercegovina, together with Bernhard Abels, Deputy Ambassador to the German Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Minister expressed interest and strong support to RYCO’s mission in the field of peacebuilding, especially given the sensitive context of Bosnia and Herzegovina. She was particularly interested in RYCO’s flagship project Superschools and the potential for that project to be continued. The Head of LBO in Sarajevo Sandra Čule reminded of a specific school exchange between Kosovo and Bosnia and Hercegovina during the first cycle of Superschools when the visa regime was still active.

“Collaboration between the students and teachers from Sarajevo and Prizen was great. It is empowering to see how much impact the project Superschools have in the field of reconciliation,” Čule said.

Recognizing the importance of the German government and their overall support over the years to RYCO’s mission, Čule gave a brief overview of other projects that were successfully implemented and completed by the funds of the GMFA-German Ministry of Foreign Affairs such as the Hajde platform, Youth Forum in Berlin, RISE, Logo competition award for the Western Balkans Summit in Berlin, etc.

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