Work with UNICEF and RYCO

TIRANA – UNICEF Albania in close consultation with Regional Youth Cooperation Office team will hire an international expert who will assist in developing an up-to-date methodology for school fundraising and management of school funds with a special focus on fundraising and managing funds for regional projects.

The main objective of this consultancy will be to:

– Develop a school guide for schools part of RYCO project (and other schools) on how to fundraise and how to manage school funds effectively (with a special focus in regional networks, fundraising as part of a network, cross border cooperation etc.)

– Develop a Trainer’s manual (for teachers, school representatives) based on the school guide on how to train school teams in fundraising and effective use of funds

The assignment will be conducted by an international consultant in a collaborative effort with UNICEF and RYCO team. The consultant will work from her/his place of residence and maintain regular contacts with UNICEF and RYCO staff. The deliverables will be prepared in English language. The contract will include 25 working days within a 2-month period. The exact dates for starting and ending the contract will be negotiated upon awarding the contract.

Closing Date: Sunday, 28 April 2019, 23:55:00 GMT+0200 (Central European Summer Time)


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