Young Musicians Supported by RYCO Play Against Stereotypes in Region

WESTERN BALKANS – Twenty one young musicians from the WB6 has held four contemporary classical music concerts in Prizren, Tivat, Sarajevo and Belgrade. Young musicians gathered in the No Borders Orchestra (NBO) traveled through the region with the main goal to provide a tool and symbol to help overcome a violent history and to set an example on how people can work and live together. The project was supported by RYCO within our second Open Call for Project Proposals.

This year, their tour “B Matinee” brought together contemporary classical music and clubbing culture and features cutting-edge new compositions by today’s most exciting young composers from the Balkans. “Matinee” from the title B Matinee, stands for new beginnings, the beginning of the new communication.

“We created space for exchange and showed young composers’ works on a regional and European level. Also, we reestablished a dialogue and exchange between contemporary music scenes in the region, which we believe is enriching and beneficial for everybody,” the No Borders Orchestra Team pointed out in a scrapbook.

The places in which the concerts took place were unconventional venues such as night clubs and art spaces hosted by people of different age groups and profiles; dispersing the genre boundaries in which contemporary music and clubbing culture are brought together. These concerts became true musical happenings, resulting in music that, like the human spirit, knows no boundaries.

“RYCO support went to this unique project that aims to create the excellent classical music as a vehicle for peace and progress, an ensemble that initiates positive social development through the power of reconciliation and creative collaboration and is an embodiment of the values they represent: diversity, integration and togetherness,” the NBO Team highlighted. 

No Borders Orchestra is a symphony orchestra comprised of excellent professional musicians from the region. Besides artistic, NBO has educational, strong social and political significance. It is based on the deconstruction of stereotypes, overcoming nationalism, racism, xenophobia and the gory legacy from the past. The Orchestra presents a regional, cross-border project with a cultural impact based on universal human values. It takes action to enhance the progress of social, environmental and cultural awareness.

NBO’s B Matinee 2019 Tour Report


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