YOUth Choose: Kiril Panov – NBA is a Purpose For Which I Work Every Day

Kiril Panov is one of the three basketball players from North Macedonia who plays in the American College League. Before leaving for college, Panov showed remarkable performance in high school, both in Spain and the USA. 

“High school basketball in Spain and in the USA helped me progress as a player. I was the MVP of the whole federal province and one of the best players in all of Spain, and at the same time the best student in the generation for 3 years in a row, which makes me especially proud of myself. After finishing high school, I had several offers, but in the end I chose Mississippi college,” Kiril says.

Photo: Kiril Panov Personal Archive

Although he had the opportunity to play in a high school in the USA, the game in college is significantly different. “The game is much faster here; basketball is more dynamic. I have big plans and I work hard. The coach has great confidence; all I need to do is do my best and try my hardest,” Kiril tells us.

He is aware of the opportunity he has in front of him, but he is also aware that in order to join his favorite team one day, the Dallas Mavericks, he must work hard. “The NBA and the Draft are the goal, but I am a person who wants to take things a step at a time and at the moment I am focused on maximizing my daily improvement here. I think the Dallas Mavericks are a team that best suits me in terms of the style of play, bringing in European players and the overall organization”, says Kiril.

Photo: Kiril Panov Personal Archive

Sports fans from North Macedonia have great expectations from Kiril Panov, and he is looking forward to the first call of the coach. “I have not yet had official contacts with the professional staff of the national team, but I sincerely hope and would be very proud if I was called to wear the national jersey again,” says Kiril.

Author: Kiril Stojanov

This story was produced during the three-month Program for Students of Journalism in the Western Balkans within the framework of the advocacy project “A Better Region Starts with Youth” implemented by RYCO with the support of the Federal Republic of Germany. All journalists’ work is their own and the content of any given article does not represent the opinion of RYCO, and RYCO cannot guarantee the validity and the accuracy of the information that these stories contain.

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