Youth Create New Friendships between Montenegro and Serbia

VALJEVO – The final workshop of the project „SEAVA youth“ supported by RYCO and United Nations Peacebuilding Fund, brought together twenty-five young people from Montenegro and Serbia. The workshop organized in partnership between NGO iACT from Montenegro and Valjevska Kulturna Mreža (VAKUM) from Serbia took place in Valjevo during the regional film festival “Valjevski filmski susreti”, in December 2019.

After a successful workshop in Ulcinj, participants enjoyed the four days long workshops in Valjevo where they had a chance to continue working on their film by in parallel learning more about the technology of filming, distribution, marketing,  film festivals and audience.

“Our society, and so does the organization of films bring together people of different opinions and shows that is possible to work together. I hope we will have similar opportunities to collaborate in the future,” one of the participants said.

Interactive workshops were facilitated by Mr Kosta Đorđević, Film Director, Ms Bojana Andrić, Director of Photography and Ms Andrijana Sofranić Šućur, Producer.

The participants also attended an open class by Mr Nikola Božić, Program director of Petnica, Scientific and Research Center for Youth, who spoke on the activism, community contribution and importance of non-formal education in strengthening the talents and capacities of young people. Also, Mr Božić used this chance to present programs of Petnica and to encourage young people to join the work of the Center.

The project was focused on enhancing youth cooperation through film education with workshops for young people on film literacy and the production of the making of two films showing the region progressing towards EU integration. Both films were broadcasted in two local film festivals.

Besides the chance to gain more knowledge and get new skills in film production, the SeaVa Youth program brought the opportunity for young people to work in a colorful and dynamic intercultural environment. This project strengthened the team spirit and cooperation among youth, and most importantly created lasting friendships and encouraged youth to cooperate in future joint projects.

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