Youth Explore Western Balkans through Photography

ALBANIA/BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA/NORTH MACEDONIA/SERBIA – Within the second RYCO Open Call for Project Proposals co-financed by the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund, the Friends of the Planet CSO from Serbia, in partnership with AULEDA from Albania, LIR Evolution from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Photo Club Kumanovo from North Macedonia and the Photo Club Kragujevac from Serbia, implemented the project “Pictures for the Region”.

The project was implemented from December 2019 to November 2020 and contributed to the enhancement of youth cooperation in the region through arts and photography. Throughout the activities, youth took part in online training that helped them discover more about the beauty of the Western Balkan region as well as improve their photography skills.

“Pictures for the Region was an eye-opener for me. Not only did I have a chance to meet other photography enthusiasts from the entire region, but it also gave me a unique opportunity to learn more about their places, culture, and customs through their photography and inspiring presentations. I came out of this workshop enriched with experience, unique insights and new friendships,” Mr Igor Stanković, project participant, emphasized.

Speaking of the project’s challenges and achievements, Ms Asima Kulić, another project participant added: “Although we were not able to travel due to COVID-19 restrictions, the project successfully achieved its purpose to advance intercultural learning and the exchange of opinion and culture among young people.” 

The project “Pictures for the Region” empowered young people to explore their artistic potential and bring out the best in them by getting to know other cultures and their peers from the Western Balkans.

“The online exchange made it possible to look at other cultures, traditions, and everyday life of people. I accumulated positive energy, new ideas, and thinking out of the box skills from all the activities,” Ms Jovana Golić, project participant, concluded. 

In conclusion, young participants and project organizers launched a virtual exhibition and created a photo catalogue which documents the outstanding captures of young photographers. 

To access the virtual exhibition and the photo catalogue, click the buttons below: 



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