Youth from Albania and Serbia Promote Intercultural Awareness through Music

ALBANIA/SERBIA – Within the third RYCO Open Call for Project Proposals, supported by the Federal Republic of Germany, the Elementary and secondary boarding school “Milan Petrovic” from Serbia, in partnership with Private School Dea 2001 from Albania implemented the project “Music for All”  which took place from January 2020 to March 2021.

The project created new spaces for dialogue and mutual learning as well as a better understanding of different cultures among youth from Albania and Serbia. Furthermore, it placed special emphasis on the social inclusion of young people through their active participation in joint musical workshops and public musical performances.

“I am glad that we managed to realize a project like this. We have established a relationship of trust, respect, and friendship, which is a good basis to continue our cooperation in the future,” Project Coordinator Mr Žarko Sebić underlined. 

During the project activities, youth from Albania and Serbia managed to get to know the musical heritage, culture, and history of their peers

“I would like us to visit Albania and to socialize and play music together with friends there,” Mr Marko Djukin, project participant, stated. 

Young participants’ active participation in joint music workshops and public music performances contributed to strengthening their musical and intercultural competencies  

“I am very happy to be able to play together and hoping we can do more of this. I barely wait to come to Novi Sad and also I am hoping my new friends will visit us here in Albania also,” Ms Imelda Tabaku, another young project participant, added. 

Intercultural cooperation was enhanced during the joint workshops on musical performances that youth implemented individually and in teams. “Music for all” helped youth to better understand each other’s cultures, diversity, and backgrounds, as well as to cooperate and build true and enduring friendships and peace together.

“I assist different projects but this one was particularly fun and a great memory to treasure. I believe it was even more beneficial since it was modified in time to become a very pleasant experience for the youth despite the challenges to youth mobility which we faced by the pandemic,” concluded Mr Ibrahim Bajrami, project assistant from Albania.


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