Youth from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia Connect and Break Down Prejudices

BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA/SERBIA – Within the second RYCO Open Call for Project Proposals co-financed by the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund, the Technical School Vladičin Han from Serbia in partnership with the High School of Transport and Communications from Bosnia and Herzegovina implemented the project “It is better together”. 

The project took place from February to November 2020 and established a successful intercultural exchange between young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. The young participants involved in the project learned to develop their communication skills in diverse groups, as well as to express their own ideas by listening and accepting different opinions and perspectives. Moreover, they enhanced their team working skills by cooperating with one another in mutual tasks. This project provided youth with diverse activities for intercultural learning. 

“Thanks to the project, young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia got the opportunity to, for the first time, get to know each other and get closer to each other’s culture, values and customs,” Project Coordinator Ms Lovorka Dragojlović Jović emphasized. 

Speaking of how the project strengthened youth cooperation, Ms Dragojlović Jović added that throughout the project activities, youth stepped out of their communities, broadened their horizons about the importance of youth participation and cooperation in the region, as well as broke down many prejudices and fears about the different and the unknown.

In addition, the project also raised awareness of the significance of human rights, solidarity, the acceptance of diversity and mutual understanding. It helped youth realize the importance of lifelong learning and building new friendships and connections in the region. 

“At first, I was afraid of doing something wrong, but then I relaxed because I saw that we were similar and eager to socialize and get to know each other. Now, I cannot wait for a new project to continue hanging out with my new friends,” one of the young participants in the project said.

Despite the activities taking place mostly online, this new experience of learning in an intercultural environment created new spaces for social engagement and participation in a project which addressed youth needs and priorities. It developed a positive climate of cooperation, acceptance, diversity and friendships among young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia who will transfer their experiences and newly gained knowledge in their future endeavors.

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