Youth from North Macedonia Develop Skills for Change in Their Communities

SKOPJE – During March, the RYCO Local Branch Office in North Macedonia in cooperation with the Peace Corps North Macedonia implemented the Youth Leadership Training series aimed at enhancing personal development skills of young people.

Twenty-seven participants of different backgrounds coming from different geographical surroundings have successfully completed the training, conducted online. The program consisted of six sessions covering leadership and communication skills, intercultural learning, active youth engagement, volunteering and techniques of conflict resolution.

All of the sessions were implemented through interactive and engaging activities. The team of RYCO and the Peace Corps North Macedonia trainers created an atmosphere in which all of the participants felt comfortable to share their opinion on various topics. The work in break-out rooms and discussions in main session were enriched by valuable inputs of young people devoted to contribute to positive development in their communities.

Participants in the training were also acquainted with current RYCO projects and regional volunteer opportunities. The set of topics presented at the training will add to the personal and professional development of young people and will empower them to take initiatives in questions of their interest.
The teams of RYCO in North Macedonia and Peace Corps North Macedonia congratulate to all young people for successfully completing the training.

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