Branch Office in Montenegro and Youth Network Strengthen Collaborative Efforts for Youth Empowerment

PODGORICA – In a significant step towards fostering youth engagement and empowerment, the Head of  RYCO Local Branch Office in Montenegro, Mr Edin Koljenović, held a productive meeting with Mr Vladimir Perazić, the General Secretary of the Youth Network in Montenegro, on 25 August 2023.

Mr Koljenović emphasized that the partnership between RYCO Local Branch Office in Montenegro and the Youth Network holds immense significance for both parties and, most importantly, for the youth.

“Being the first in the region to focus on Youth Peacebuilding and Security Agenda, RYCO takes pride in its pioneering role. Our enthusiasm to collaborate with the Youth Network is driven by our shared goal of providing opportunities to young people. Through this collaboration, we aim to equip young individuals with vital life skills and values, while encouraging their active participation in various activities and programs, highlighted Mr Koljenović.

Mr Perazić, representing the Youth Network, shared details about the organization’s structure, operations, and upcoming plans. He highlighted the crucial role of collaboration with RYCO, especially during the initial stages of establishing the Youth Network.

“Looking ahead, we are excited about the prospect of further collaboration. Working together with RYCO, we aim to create new opportunities that directly address the needs and aspirations of the youth, said Mr Perazić”.


This cooperative endeavor propels the youth towards a promising future, as RYCO and the Youth Network join hands for a brighter tomorrow.


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