British Embassy supports RYCO’s work and efforts towards youth empowerment

RYCO’s work and unique mission in the region are recognized, especially when it comes to quality of programs and their implementation, and British Embassy continues to support RYCO’s efforts towards youth empowerment – this is the message from the meeting between Local Branch of the Regional Youth Cooperation Office in Montenegro and  Ms. Pooja Naidu Kingsley, Regional Conflict Adviser for  the Western Balkans in the British Embassy in Sarajevo and Ms. Ksenija Martinović, Project Manager in the British Embassy in Podgorica.

Head of the RYCO LBO in Montenegro Mr. Edin Koljenović and Regional Program Coordinator Ms. Bojana Lalatović presented the mission and accomplishments of RYCO. Mr. Koljenović presented the unique structure of RYCO as an intergovernmental organization established as a first concrete and visible outcome of the Berlin Process. They familiarized the guests with RYCO flagship program Superschools and the Western Balkans Youth Culture Fund, both designed to emopower young people in the process of peacebuilding and bridgning interethnic gaps in the region, as well as the grant scheme designed for Civic Society Organizations – RYCOgnized. Also, they talked about the numerous projects that RYCO is implementing locally in Montenegro with a special emphases on the need to actively engage young people in decision making processes on the highest levels. Mr. Koljenović announced concrete steps that will be taken in order to connect the Members of the Parliamet of Montenegro with young people to work together for the promotion of shared values of peacebuilding and cooperation in Montenegro and the Wester Balkans region.

Ms. Kingsley and Ms. Martinović expressed a special interest in the areas where it is necessary to further empower young people when it comes to conflict prevention. They noted the excellent work of the Regional Youth Cooperation Office, especially when it comes to RYCO’s commitment to the quality of program implementation and support to target groups.



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