Call for Applications: Balkan Debate Academy

WESTERN BALKANS – Youth Educational Forum in collaboration with Open Communication, Centre of Cultivating Dialogue and Debate center invites you to the first Balkan Debate Academy: Debating towards cooperation that will take place in Skopje, 13 – 18 November.
Do you want to learn to debate and compete in an international debating tournament?
Do you want to meet and socialize with young people from other cultures?
Do you want to discuss the cooperation in the Balkans, the wishes and ideas of young people?
Do you want to be part of a creative and fulfilled program in Skopje, Macedonia?
Then apply for the Balkan Debate Academy: Debating towards cooperation! The academy will include an intense week of World Schools Debate training and a debate tournament in Skopje. The program is aimed at high school students and offers trainings for both beginners and advanced debaters.
THE TRAINING PROGRAM will take place 13 – 15 November 2018 and will offer tracks for beginner and advanced debaters, debate trainers and judges filled with debate theory lectures, exercises, practice debates and a wide selection of debate and content electives.
By participating in the training program for beginners you will learn:
– What is debate and the fundamentals of competitive debate
– How to construct arguments
– How to rebuttal
– How to research and build a case
– How to construct and deliver a public speech
By participating in the training program for advanced debaters you will learn:
– How to interpret and analyze motions
– How to identify a burden of proof
– How to identify and construct a frame for your case
– How to debate identities
By participating in the training program for trainers you will learn:
– How to judge in the World Schools Debate Format
– How to teach debate to high schools students
– How to run a debate club
– How to organize a debate tournament
This event is for all applicants. If you want to prepare, learn about the motions and how to debate, apply to the training program before the debate academy. If you just want to compete on a debate tournament, apply only to this part.
THE TOURNAMENT will take place from 16th November – 18th November and will include 5 preliminary rounds, semifinals and final in the World Schools Debating format.
Chief Adjudicators team: To Be Announced
Location: To Be announced
How to participate?
1. Register for the academy:
2. Mind the deadline for registration: 08.11.2018
3. Check your e-mail daily to see whether you got a spot at the academy
4. Pay attention to the administrative requirements fees and documents required
5. Have the time of your life
Accommodation and food during the event will be organized and provided by the hosts, participants should contribute with a participation fee, elaborated below. The participants should cover their travel expenses to and from Skopje.
Participation fee: We provide you with the opportunity to join us during the whole academy or only take part in the tournament.
– Registration fee for the academy (whole program academy + tournament): 100,00 EUR and it covers materials, accommodation for 5 nights, meals and refreshment.
– Registration fee for the academy (whole program academy + tournament) for local participants from Skopje: 80,00 EUR and it covers materials, meals and refreshments.
– Registration fee for the tournament only is: 60,00 EUR and it covers accommodation for 2 nights, materials, refreshments and meals.
– Registration fee for the tournament only for local participants from Skopje: 30,00 EUR and it covers materials, meals and refreshments.
Stay tuned for more information regarding our CA team and details of our training program.
For any questions regarding the academy you can send us an e-mail at: [email protected]
This project is supported by the Regional Youth Cooperation Office – RYCO. Its content is the sole responsibility of Youth Educational Forum and its partners and does not necessarily present the views of RYCO.

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