Invitation to Tender for Expenditure Verification

WESTERN BALKANS – The Regional Youth Cooperation Office (RYCO) is inviting tenderers to submit their offers for External Audit of the SIDA project “Institutional Capacity Building support to RYCO”.

RYCO is seeking for qualified auditors or auditing companies to perform agreed-upon procedures as specified in this Terms of Reference part D of the tender dossier. The audit will focus on the financial execution of the project carried out by RYCO. The Auditor will be required to provide an audit opinion and express assurance on the eligibility of the expenditures and revenues reported in the final financial report submitted by RYCO. The Auditor shall carry out the expenditure verification and submit to RYCO a report of factual findings with regard to the agreed-upon procedures performed.

Deadline for submitting tenders:  14 January 2022, 05:00 PM.

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Tender Dossier

UPDATE, 21/12/2021: Having regard to Section 5 of the “Instructions to tenderer”, part of the published tender dossier in the frame of the “External Audit of SIDA project “Institutional Capacity Building support to RYCO” call, due to some discrepancies noticed in the Tender Dossier please find below for your consideration the relevant corrections.


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