Invitation to Tender for Grant Making Expert

WESTERN BALKANS – The Regional Youth Cooperation Office (RYCO) is inviting tenderers to submit their offers for Grant Making Expert. The tender is being launched within the project Enhancing Youth Cooperation and Youth Exchange in the WB6 supported by the European Union.

The expert will focus on providing an overview of the grant-making practices and issues in the Western Balkans and Europe, analysis of RYCO grant-making experiences so far, providing support in re-designing the grant-making process, supporting the design and finalization of RYCO grant-making manual, delivering in-house training for the involved RYCO staff on the final version of RYCO grant-making guidelines.

The tender dossier is consisted of Invitation to Tender, Contract Notice, Instructions to Tenderers, Draft Contract, Terms of Reference, Service Tender Submission Form, Budget Form. All the documents are available for download below.

Deadline for submitting tenders: 4 June 2020, 05.00 PM


UPDATE 02/06/2020

A candidate has requested clarification from RYCO. The question was: “We would like to know if a legal person can propose 2 experts and if in the methodology proposed we can foresee contacts with grantees of RYCO?”

Answer: “Please refer to the document A – Contract Notice. Section 9 refers to a ¨Grant making Expert¨, the singular form used here and throughout the Tender Dossier does not aim to imply the number of experts included in the tender. The formulation should be understood as ¨grant making expert services¨. Please also be advised that according to Sections 12 and 13 of the Contract Notice, participation to tender is open on equal terms to all legal entities, natural and legal persons whereas no more than one tender can be submitted by a natural or legal person.”

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