Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina Reaffirms Its Support to RYCO

SARAJEVO – The Government Representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the RYCO Governing Board Mr Davor Bošnjak, together with the Assistant to the Minister of Civil Affairs in Bosnia and Herzegovina Mr Adnan Husić, visited the RYCO Local Branch Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina, on Wednesday, 22 October 2021.

One of the core objectives of the visit was to strengthen the already strong relations between the RYCO Local Branch Office and the Ministry of Civil Affairs as well as to affirm support towards the work of RYCO at the local level.

“The Ministry of Civil Affairs will, as it has been the case so far, continue to support the work of the RYCO office in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the aim of strengthening cooperation and dialogue among young people between the Contracting Parties of the Western Balkans. We stay an active contributor to the promotion of reconciliation and constructive approach, and to the increase of regional mobility of young people,” Mr Davor Bošnjak emphasized.

Head of the Local Branch Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina Ms Berina Bukva Alibašić, has stated that she is grateful for the openness and understanding relationship with the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the proactive role of Mr Bošnjak and Mr Husić in the upcoming Open Call SuperSchools, a program envisaged for high schools in the Western Balkans.

“We have always appreciated the support during the implementation of our activities as well as during preparations for upcoming ones. This only shows that this relationship has a bright future and that the current, as well as the future cooperation, will result in RYCO fulfilling its objectives,’’ Ms Bukva Alibašić concluded.

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