Poznań Summit, Blanuša: Political Elites in Region Should Take Care of Their Rhetoric

POZNAŃ – RYCO Secretary General Mr Đuro Blanuša participated in the Ministerial Meeting which gathered the Western Balkans six Foreign Minister at the Poznań Summit on Thursday when he presented the work of RYCO but also underlined the need that the political elites of the region take more care of their rhetoric.

Speaking at the meeting, Mr Blanuša recalled that RYCO is celebrating its third birthday since the Agreement on the Establishment of RYCO was signed on 4 July 2016 during the Paris Summit of the Berlin Process.

“RYCO is a proof that regional cooperation is possible and that it can work,” he highlighted.

Secretary General also underlined that RYCO is “back on track” after its Governing Board was blocked for a couple of months. Updating the Ministers on the issue, he thanked the governments of the region for readiness to find solution and compromise.

Mr Blanuša also presented the ongoing projects which the organization is implementing, but also highlighted the plans for the upcoming period.

Underlining the importance of the reconciliation processes in the region, he invited the political elites of the Western Balkans to take more care of their rhetoric.

“Young people are immensely influenced by the rhetoric being practiced in the region on a daily basis. I am asking you, in order to help our work, to take more care of how you are acting in the regional arena,” Mr Blanuša concluded.

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