Regional Youth Rights Talks to Gather Youth in Novi Sad, Serbia

NOVI SAD – How many times you have heard that someone is fighting for “world peace”? How are you fighting for peace? Do you consider that we are living in a just society? How and to what extent young people influence the security in the region? Is education truly free? What are the differences between the youth of the region and does their cooperation change the game? Does anyone ask you for your opinion? Have you ever been in a situation to simply say: “It’s not fair!” and what did you do regarding it?

Youth Rights Talks is a unique event that puts youth voices and human rights of young people in focus where we jointly search for the answers on these and other questions through youth speeches, and talks with those who are dealing with the issues that concern youth, their problems and future. The participants will have an opportunity to meet other young people from the region, listen to some of them and share their ideas and experiences on the situation and cooperation of young people.

The event promotes the role of young people as the rights holders and important actors in securing peace and creating a just and inclusive society. It will take place on Saturday, 14 December in Novi Sad, Serbia. If you are from Novi Sad or Serbia and you are ready to participate in the event, click the link below to apply no later than Thursday, 12 December, until 23:59. The working language of the event is Serbian/Bosnian/Croatian/Montenegrin.

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The registered participants will also get tickets for the OPENS party headed by Dubioza Kolektiv band that will take place the same day in Novi Sad.

The Youth Rights talks are taking place in Belgrade since 2018 in cooperation with the Belgrade Center for Human Rights, UN Team for Human Rights and the OSCE Mission to Serbia. In 2019, Novi Sad is the European youth capital, and the Regional Youth Rights Talks 2019 is part of the program organized and implemented by OPENS 2019 – European Youth Capital Novi Sad and RYCO.

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