RYCO Celebrates National Youth Day of Albania

TIRANA – On Sunday, on the occasion of National Youth Day of Albania, RYCO Local Branch Office Program Assistant in Albania Ms Flutura Brakaj, took part in the Fair of Civil Society Organizations. The event organized by the Municipality of Tirana gathered several well-known civil society organizations that are working with youth.

The event provided the opportunity for the organizations to present their various projects and activities and was a great chance for young people to get to learn about new opportunities offered for them in many different areas.

Ms Brakaj presented the key programs of RYCO and used this chance to speak with youth on the importance of local youth activism, youth exchange and informed them about the RYCOs’ mission for a new positive narrative of the Western Balkans.

The fair was organized under the auspices of the Municipality of Tirana. The 8th of December is marked as an important day in Albania, with the memory on the first student protest against the communist regime held in 1990. Due to the domino effect that this protest brought to the Albanian society, this day is known for the last 29 years as the National Youth Day and its celebrated accordingly.

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