RYCO and OSCE Mission to Montenegro Discuss Future Cooperation

PODGORICA – Head of the RYCO Local Branch Office in Montenegro Mr Edin Koljenović and RYCO Mentorship Coordinator Ms Irena Marunović met with the Deputy Head/Programme Co-ordinator of the OSCE Mission to Montenegro Ms Siv-Katrine Leirtroe and National Programme Officer in the Democratization Programme of the OSCE Mission to Montenegro Ms Ivana Vujović, on Thursday, 17 June.

The meeting served as an opportunity for both parties to evaluate the successful previous year of cooperation and talk about possible upcoming plans and joint initiatives. Mr Koljenović informed the OSCE representatives on RYCO’s key local and regional ongoing processes as well as strategic directions, with a special emphasis on internal consolidation and organisational strengthening of the regional structure.

“We want to thank the OSCE Mission to Montenegro for the commitment it has shown towards RYCO. We are very grateful that you recognized our needs and helped us fulfill them. Your support, as our key partner in Montenegro, is very much appreciated,” Mr Koljenović emphasised.

Ms Leirtroe also expressed her satisfaction with the partnership established between RYCO and the OSCE in Montenegro. She added that successful joint activities tackling youth, high schools, civil society organisations, as well as regional stakeholders and decision-makers will continue to be implemented in the following period.

“The OSCE Mission to Montenegro has been providing support to the RYCO Local Branch Office in Montenegro from the very beginning, and we are very happy that our cooperation has proven to be fruitful and continuous,” Ms Leirtroe stated.

Both parties agreed that RYCO Local Branch Office in Montenegro and the OSCE Mission to Montenegro will maintain close communication and cooperation to develop and adjust joint activities following the needs of  youth.

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