RYCO in Albania Contributes to Discussion on Youth Soft Skills

TIRANA – The Head of the RYCO Local Branch Office in Albania Mr Kreshnik Loka participated in the panel discussion focusing on the relevance of soft skills and its connection to the job market. Taking into consideration that several industries identify soft skills as prevailing over the professional qualifications, the conference organized by the “Skills for Jobs” (S4J) project gathered various actors working in the public administration, civil sector and international community to share programs that provide training and enrichment of young people with soft skills. 

Through his contribution, Mr Loka shared more information on the youth mobility programs which RYCO is implementing and how they are equipping young people from the Western Balkans with soft skills.

“Taking part in a youth exchange is much more than traveling and leisure. Hundreds of young people who take part in RYCO youth exchanges every year come out of these experiences with improved communication, analytical and networking skills. Moreover, they engage in team work easier and are more empathetic,” Head of the RYCO Local Branch Office in Albania pointed out.

The discussion was complemented by the contributions of representatives from the “Skills for Jobs” project, business sector, Albanian National Agency of Employment and Skills and vocational high schools. The panel discussed various perspectives in order to present a full picture of what markets require and how different stakeholders are responding to the needs. 

Additionally, the event served as a platform to present a study that is jointly prepared by “Skills for Jobs” and Human Development Promotion Center (HDPC) aiming to research the dynamics of soft skills and their position as crucial factors in employment beyond 2030. Moreover, the study aimed at piloting the integration of soft skills in the curricula of vocational high schools.  

The main goal of the “Skills for Jobs” project is to offer young people in Albania the best vocational education and training opportunities. S4J is supported by Swisscontoact, an independent, business-oriented Swiss organization aiming for international development cooperation.

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