RYCO in Montenegro Meets Young People from Danilovgrad

DANILOVGRAD – Upon the invitation of the Danilovgrad Youth Centre, the RYCO Local Branch Office in Montenegro met with young people from the town to organize a presentation of RYCO’s work, on 12 February.

The meeting took place at the premises of the Municipality of Danilovgrad. The Head of the RYCO Local Branch Office in Montenegro Mr Edin Koljenović and LBO Program Assistant Ms Bojana Lalatović took this opportunity to present RYCO and its mission in the Western Balkans to the high school students from Danilovgrad. 

Mr Koljenović introduced youth with the achievements and “lessons learned” during the first three years of RYCO’s journey by discussing the environment in which RYCO is functioning and the powerful role that youth play in this context. 

The key focus of the discussion was also placed on the opportunities that RYCO offers to young people in Montenegro and the region. It was emphasized that these opportunities stimulate dialogue and youth activism and are essential for building a more democratic, tolerant and resilient society.

This meeting was followed with Mr Koljenović’s presentation of RYCO’s work on a local radio show.


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