RYCO Launches Online Survey on Digital Tools for Western Balkans Youth

WESTERN BALKANS – Under the framework of the advocacy project “A Better Region starts with Youth” implemented by RYCO with the support of the Federal Republic of Germany, RYCO is launching a Western Balkans wide online survey asking youth about their opinion on digital tools.

Supporting the goals of the advocacy projects, and the launch of the upcoming digital platform, the survey will generate insights on effective and beneficial digital tools that can connect youth in the region. It asks young people directly about their online habits, needs and ideas.

The survey is available in Albanian, Bosnian/Croatian/Montenegrin, Macedonian and Serbian, and is aimed at Western Balkans youth aged between 15 to 30 years old. It will be open until 2 November, and its results will help RYCO to identify and address key youth ideas and needs. By incorporating young people’s opinions and feedback in the process, the platform will be designed to better deliver the needs of youth in the region. 

“A Better Region starts with Youth” project will be implemented until December 2020. It aims to increase young people’s understanding of the importance of regional youth cooperation, youth mobility and intercultural learning.

The digital youth platform will be one of the project’s concrete results, and will build strong networks between the youth of the Western Balkans. It will focus on the topics of regional youth cooperation and youth opportunities, as well as in the promotion of youth experiences and storytelling.

To participate in the survey, click below to select your language:

ALBANIAN: Online Survey on Digital Tools for Youth

BOSNIAN/CROATIAN/MONTENEGRIN: Online Survey on Digital Tools for Youth

MACEDONIAN: Online Survey on Digital Tools for Youth

SERBIAN: Online Survey on Digital Tools for Youth

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