Invitation to Tender for Advocacy and Promotional Campaign

WESTERN BALKANS – The Regional Youth Cooperation Office (RYCO) is inviting tenderers to submit their offers for an advocacy and promotional campaign titled “Better Region Starts with Youth”. 

RYCO is seeking a specialized service provider to plan and implement a public information campaign on results achieved through the implementation of the project “A Better Region Starts with Youth” implemented by RYCO, with the support of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The project is aiming to produce a new digital platform for daily promotion of regional youth cooperation, youth experiences, storytelling and for sharing concrete youth opportunities in the Western Balkans. The main function of it will be to promote the spirit of reconciliation and regional cooperation, as well as to promote and disseminate RYCO’s activities and results to the relevant stakeholders.

Deadline for submitting tenders: 10 November 2020, 05:00 PM.

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Tender Dossier

Additional Clarifications of  Documents:

C DRAFT CONTRACT, Article 3, Term of the Contract,

  1. This Contract shall enter into force on day/month/2020 and shall be valid until December 31st, 2020.

D TERMS OF REFERENCES, 5. Profile of providers & Human Resource Capacities

Conditions for all members of the proposed team:  Fluent in local languages and English.

UPDATE 29/10/2020

A candidate has requested clarification from RYCO. The questions were: (1) In case there are more than two members of the consortium, do we insert additional rows in Service tender submission form, per each member? (2)Is the Legal entity the same as the Lead Consortium company? (3) Is tenderer’s statement filled out and signed only by Legal entity/Lead consortium company? (4) Is tenderer’s declaration of honor filled out and signed only by a Legal entity/Lead consortium company? (5) Is tenderer’s Financial identification filled out and signed only by a Legal entity/Lead consortium company? (6) Which is the implementation period of tasks?

Answers: (1) Yes, insert additional rows in Service tender submission form, per each member. (2) Yes. (3) Only by Legal entity/Lead consortium company. (4) Only by Legal entity/Lead consortium company. (5) Yes, only by Legal entity/Lead consortium company. (6) The implementation period of the task is November 2020 – December 31, 2020.

UPDATE 03/11/2020

A candidate has requested clarification from RYCO. The questions were: (1) When is the due start of the contract? It seems that it allows for only approx. a month of implementation, ending on December 31, 2020. Should the entire project, i.e. contractor activities be completed by then? (2) The instructions (p. 2) say that subcontracting is not allowed. Under which terms we can apply under a partnership/consortium? (2.1) Should we submit profiles for 6 event managers (one from each country)? (3) Due to COVID-19, there are several restrictions for organizing live events across WB6. For example, in Macedonia events with 20+ participants are not allowed at the moment. Is this considered with the call and are there alternatives to organizing live events/discussions? (4) Is there a form for the Methodology and Concept document that needs to be submitted, or the design of this document is left up to the applicant?

Answers: (1) The start of the contract will be in the second half of November, ending on December 31, 2020, and all activities should be completed by then. (2) The TOR for Tender “Advocacy and Promotional Campaign “Better Region starts with Youth”” which is the main document based on which the other documents of the tender dossier are prepared, specifies the following:

         Qualifications and Experience

 The organization/company should have:

–              Service provider must be a legal entity registered in the WB6 region and has capacity to organize all activities in WB6 (individually, with branches or partners/subcontractors).

–              Demonstrated capacities and experience in campaign management, production of multimedia events and materials, digital communication assets, and production of promotional materials.

–              Skilled and experienced writers, proofreaders, and editors (in English and local language(s)) dedicated (sub-contracted) for this task.

–              Skilled and experienced videographers, video editors, photographers, and graphic designers dedicated (sub-contracted) for this task.

–              Experienced team dedicated to this task (CVs of key personnel (including consultants and sub-contractors) and the Team Leader to be submitted in the application) 

–              Quantifiable services offered pro bono will be taken into account during the selection process.

–              Fluency of team members in English is an asset.

–              A financial proposal.

Sub-contracting is allowed as per provisions set in the TOR.

(2.1) Yes, under the Key personnel section is preferable to submit profiles of 6 event managers. (3) All events will be organized in accordance with health recommendations and restrictions. The concept of the event should have a backup plan in case that it cannot be a fully physical meeting (versions: a hybrid event with panelists and audience online, or fully online event). (4) It is left to the applicant.

UPDATE 04/11/2020

A candidate has requested clarification from RYCO. The questions were: (1) Do we have to give creative proposals for TVC, events and promo materials or only methodology in the submission phase? (2) On which language is the platform? (3) Do you have a slogan or headline of the project? (4) In which language should the video be? Do we have one language version or we have to produce on 5 languages? If on 5 languages, with different voice overs or with subtitles? (5) Is there available a visual Identity for the “Better Region starts with Youth” project? If yes can you share with us the open files so that we can adapt for the event and other communication materials? If not available and you will need the support of the agency on the creation of the visual, can you send us RYCO logo and guidelines as well as the other logos of the financing partners or other partners and specify which of them are mandatory for the elements. (6) In regards to the events, please advise whether they will happen at the same time in all 6 contracting parties or in different moments? Is the event for stakeholders and media happening on the same day, same place one after another? (7) In the terms of references (page 3) you mention that the contractor should prepare also this point: Organization of accommodation and travel for organizers and certain number of local participants for events; In case you need a cost estimate from us, kindly advise us on the details for the accommodation and travel (how many people, from where, how many nights etc). if you don’t have these info, we can quote them in the moment when the details are available. (8) In regards to the point b in page 3 in terms of reference (sub points i and ii), the 5 media per Contracting party, should they be present at the event as well, or the contractor should only ensure publication of articles/chronicles in the respective media? (9) In regards to the point b in page 3 in terms of reference (sub point iv), Proposing 5 regionally-known influencers for campaign. Should they necessarily be known in all regions (which is not quite common in these regions) or we can also propose suitable influencers with respective influence in each of the contracting parties? (10) In regards to the point b in page 3 in terms of reference (sub point vi) Designing promo – posters for targeted secondary schools, including delivery in coordination with RYCO team. In case also you don’t have exactly the route of the secondary schools to be distributed, the transport cost will be quoted when we have exact info. (11) Last but not least, since the project is very demanding and includes coordination of 6 contracting parties, even on the proposal phase, would you consider an extension of the deadline to 16th of November in order for us to prepare as precisely as possible all the details of the communication project?

Answers: (1) The service provider must provide only the methodology (concept) for each deliverable, together with a preliminary working plan and milestones of completion of task. (2) English. (3) Better future starts with You(th). (4) It’s left to applicant to propose the suitable option. (5) In creation of your proposal you can use current RYCO logo which you may find online. Providing of additional materials is not possible in this phase. (6) Events shouldn’t be organized in the same day, since some of RYCO staff should participate in all events. Events for stakeholders and media happening can be organized on the same day, same place one after another. (7) In case of physical event, there will be 5 people from region and up to 10 locals. (8) Contractor should ensure publication of articles/chronicles in the respective media. (9) It’s left to applicant to propose the suitable option. (10) You may provide a general estimation, as delivery costs are mostly standardized at national and regional level. (11) Unfortunately, due to our timeline, we are not in position to extend the deadline. 

UPDATE 05/11/2020

Candidates have requested clarification from RYCO. The questions were: (1) Dear Sir/Madam, we kindly ask for clarification related to the digital youth platform,that will be launched as a part of the project. Can you please share with us the platform name and other relevant information, such as logo, assuming that it has its’ own visual identity? Also, it would be useful for us if you can share more information about the platform itself, for example content categories to be placed within the web. (2) Is media buying referring only to digital media buying, for example: FB ads, Google ads or for TV media buying as well?

Answers: (1) Requested information will be subsequently available, since the process of the establishing a platform is currently underway. (2) It refers on media buying and digital marketing.

UPDATE 09/11/2020

A candidate has requested clarification from RYCO. The question was: We are preparing to deliver our proposal to the above mentioned RfS. Since, there are a lot of files needed, thus prepared, can we send our application through WeTransfer Link, please?

Answer: The application can be sent through WeTransfer Link.

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