RYCO MNE & OSCE Training for strengthening capacities of NGO representatives in Montenegro

BAR– RYCO Local Branch Office in Montenegro in cooperation with the OSCE Mission to Montenegro organized Capacity Building Training for 14 representatives of civil society organizations from Montenegro, in Bar, from 14 to 17 November 2023.

The primary focus of the training was to equip participants with the necessary skills for crafting project applications for RYCO Open Calls, covering crucial aspects such as intercultural learning, youth participation, social inclusion, activism and the potential for establishing regional partnerships.

During training sessions, participants had the opportunity to acquire general information about RYCO Open Call, and learn how to develop project framework and budget, conduct youth exchanges, and ensure project visibility.

The training was opened by Ms. Bojana Lalatović, Program Officer of RYCO Local Branch Office in Montenegro and Ms. Siv-Kartine Leirtroe, Deputy Head of the OSCE Mission to Montenegro.

Ms. Lalatović conveyed that the training embodies joint dedication—a tradition maintained by RYCO in Montenegro with strong support of the OSCE Mission. Noticing the active participation and enthusiasm among the participants confirms the importance of their teamwork and its positive impact. 

“Our goal extends beyond the training room. It is about empowering NGOs across Montenegro, nurturing their potential to drive meaningful change. The consistently high number of registrations for the training, coupled with positive evaluations, demonstrates the success of their programs. This success is also evident in the grants distributed through RYCO Open Calls”, highlighted Ms. Lalatović

Ms. Leirtroe emphasized that the Mission is proud to be one of the first institutional supporters of RYCO, recognizing the importance of youth engagement and youth connections in the region as a key factor to peace and stability. 

“Today, we are here to support you, potential RYCO grantees, by allowing you to learn how to respond to RYCO Call for proposals, exchange experiences with other NGOs and experienced trainers that will guide you through this process. You will learn more about reconciliation, peacebuilding, youth empowerment and inclusive participation of young people, and how to achieve these goals through your projects“, concluded Ms. Leirtroe.

By fostering skills, encouraging collaboration, and promoting inclusivity, this training serves as a catalyst for meaningful change, set to profoundly influence the initiatives and projects that involve young people.


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