RYCO Presents Its Work at Trilateral Youth Project in Tirana

TIRANA – RYCO Local Branch Officer in Albania Mr Kreshnik Loka and Youth Representative in the RYCO Governing Board Ms Dafina Peci met on Wednesday with 24 youngsters, part of the trilateral youth exchange “Ideas and Actions for Europe: Energy and Environment in the 21st Century”, between Albania, France and Germany.  After traveling to Berlin and Dijon, the group is closing the circle in Tirana with a week full of discussions and visits that will end with the Final Conference Trilateral Youth Project (click here for more).

During their time with this enthusiastic and very curious group, Mr Loka engaged the participants in an inclusive discussion on the benefits that traveling, exchanging and discussing bring to the personal and professional growth of a young person. Together with Ms Peci, they briefed the group with the main milestones achieved by RYCO, starting from its intensive history to the results of the first RYCO Open Call for Project Proposals.

While openly discussing as a group, the youngsters shared their experiences with youth exchanges and throughout the discussions they managed themselves to identify the main values and objectives that RYCO is working for.

The exchanged is supported by the Franco-German Youth Office and implemented by Cooperation and Development Institute (CDI), Centre International de Formation Europeénne (CIFE), Bourgogne Balkans Express and Environment Science Po Dijon.

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