SG Hani and RYCO team paid official visit to Berlin: Strong support and recognition of results from German partners

RYCO and partners joined forces for the upcoming Youth Forum in Berlin

Berlin – From traditionally good relations to newly announced cooperations, RYCO team led by Secretary General Albert Hani, successfully concluded a two-day official visit to Berlin marked by series of meetings with key partners and stakeholders, bringing the new prospects for Western Balkans youth and strengthening the role of RYCO in regional arena settings.

The meeting with the key partners from the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Manuel Sarrazin, the Special Envoy for the Western Balkans, and Mr. Niels Von Redecker, the Head of Department for WB6 was the highlight of the visit, confirming the achievements of RYCO and receiving assurance of strong support for organization’s work and mission in the region.

Expressing his gratitude for continued support, SG Hani said that recognition from partners in Germany serves as motivation and encouragement to build upon positive momentum to further strengthen RYCO’s role in promoting regional cooperation and understanding.

It was mutually acknowledged that, in addition to the impressive work and remarkable results in RYCO’s reform process, the very existence of RYCO serves as a powerful political message and symbol of the willingness for cooperation among leaders in the Western Balkans.

The fruitful mission in Berlin resulted with the now official announcement of Youth Forum 2024, that this year will be held in Berlin from 13 to 15 October.

“We can exclusively reveal that preparations are underway for the Youth Forum 2024, which will be held as a side event to the Summit of the Berlin Process. In addition to my regular presence at the Summit as a Secretary-General’s, event will gather together the leaders of the Western Balkans in Berlin from October 13 to 15, 2024,” SG Hani announced.

The organization of the Youth Forum in Berlin will be coordinated by Ms. Krenare Krasniqi Gashi from RYCO, who was a part of RYCO delegation during the official visit and who presented the concept on the initial pedagogical design of the conference, as well as the organizational aspects of the event.

The meeting was concluded with great remarks and in-depth presentation of insides on the undertaken institutional reform processes by Mr. Feras Kheirallah, the advisor of the Secretary general, and Mr. Jasmin Valjevac representative of GiZ as the strongest supporter and partner of RYCO. During this mission to Berlin, SG Hani paid a visit to OFAJ, RYCO’s sister organization that serves as a source of inspiration and example of good work, where he met with OFAJ Secretary General Mr. Tobias Bütow. In addition to gaining valuable insights from extensive experience and expertise of OFAJ, RYCO is honored to have Mr. Bütow as an Advisory Board Member.

Counterparts meeting further strengthened the partnership between the two organizations, who joined forces to implement the upcoming Youth Forum in Berlin, scheduled for October 13-15, 2024. Additionally, RYCO team had used this opportunity to meet with other important partners involved in organization of the Youth Forum, such as the Bürger Europas e.V, Aspen Institute, Schüler Helfen Leben, Südosteuropa-Gesellschaft, BWA Global Economic Network, announcing new cooperations and exciting joint activities that will further strengthen youth role and assure youth meaningful participation.


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