Youth Summit in Tirana: Empowering the Next Generation

Tirana, June 11-13, 2024 – The Youth Summit Tirana, a regional initiative organized this year by the Municipality of Tirana, brought together young leaders, innovators, and thinkers from across the Balkans to discuss and explore opportunities for youth engagement in various sectors. The summit empowered youth by providing a platform for cross-border dialogue, learning, and collaboration on key issues affecting their future.

The summit addressed the following topics:

  1. Promotion of Regional Youth Engagement
  2. Fostering Innovation and Collaboration
  3. Sustainable Development
  4. Creative Economy

RYCO DSG, Mr. Denis Piplaš, participated in the opening ceremony on June 11, which featured performances by young artists and welcoming remarks from the Mayor of Tirana, the Minister of State for Youth and Children, and the B40 Permanent Secretary.

On the second day, Mr. Kreshnik Loka, Head of RYCO Local Branch Office, participated in the panel discussion “Youth Engagement in Local Governance.” The panel was moderated by Deputy Mayor of Tirana, Ms. Keti Luarasi, and included contributions from the Minister of State for Youth and Children, Ms. Bora Muzhaqi, Member of Parliament, Mr. Etjen Xhafaj, and the National Youth Congress representative, Mr. Klajdi Priska.

Mr. Loka presented the principles and mechanisms guiding RYCO’s work in youth engagement, highlighting the importance of involving young people in decision-making processes through RYCO’s Governing Board and various consultation processes.

“RYCO works relentlessly in empowering young people to raise their voice and be aware of the various local and regional mechanisms at their disposal to be part of the decision-making processes. Additionally, RYCO has young people in its Governing Board, assuring that all decisions are taken with young people,” stated Mr. Loka.


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