SG Hani in Burgas Connectivity Forum: Youth cooperation and better connectivity for prosperity and well-being of all region

RYCO Secretary General Albert Hani took part as speaker in Burgas Connectivity Forum 2024, event that on 31st of May gathered together in Bulgaria different stakeholders and policy-makers involved in EU-Integration, Regional Cooperation and Connectivity dynamics. 

Sharing his thoughts with other prominent speakers in panel discussions on peacebuilding and reconciliation through the lens of connectivity, SG Hani brought perspective of connectivity as an action that unites people, which is essential part of what RYCO as an organization is doing in Western Balkans region.  

He pointed out that RYCO is guided by the voice of youth, that sends the message of strong need for cooperation, which serves as a call for change and demand for unity and better prosperity of the region.  

“RYCO creates space where young people can come together, share their stories, and build friendships. And it’s more than that; it’s about building bridges—genuine connections that say – let’s not just trade goods; let’s trade ideas, let’s trade experiences.” 

In this context he emphasized the importance of improved connectivity through better roads infrastructure and better resources, but in a sense that facilitates better connection of people and breaks down barriers, making it easier for people to meet, to talk and understand each other.  

“When we understand each other, when we truly connect, that’s when reconciliation becomes more than just a word; it becomes a reality. So, let’s keep moving forward. Let’s keep building those bridges, making those connections, because when we’re connected, when we’re truly united, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish and achieve,” he concluded.  

Burgas Connectivity Forum 2024 is established as dynamic platform for dialog in the Southeast Europe and is sharing strategical vision about the connectivity future of Europe with the forums in Brindisi (Italy) and Tirana (Albania). In this sense, Balkans region has a pivotal role for fostering sustainable connectivity and interregional cooperation.  



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