Jelena Fuštić

Jelena Fuštić

Youth Representative of Montenegro

Ms Jelena Fuštić is licensed youth activist and social worker from Montenegro. She has over six years of experience in youth and civil sector which involves coordination of national and regional projects on topics such as: youth employability, education, active involvement in decision making processes, prevention of violent extremism, intercultural dialogue etc.

She has also been active advocate for enabling better environment for personal, social and professional youth growth by being part of consultations' groups for designing strategies, action plans and other relevant documents, such as working group for development of Youth Guarantee scheme in Montenegro, in which she is one of the members.

Jelena especially enjoys in working directly with other young people, as she is a certified trainer and supervisor within multiple intercultural exchanges, as well as in constant learning, being alumni of Caux scholar program and many others.

Currently, she is at the position of Executive Director of Forum MNE, a youth organisation in Montenegro.


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