Tirana to Host the Summit of the Berlin Process and WB Youth Forum 2023.

The most awaited youth event of the year “Balkan Youth Express” is taking place in Tirana from 6-7 October.

The most awaited youth event of the year “Balkan Youth Express” is taking place in Tirana from 6-7 October.

This year Tirana is not only hosting the Summit of the Berlin Process and marking the first time in a decade that a capital from the Western Balkans (WB) region is chosen as the sole venue, but it will also host the Western Balkans Youth Forum. 

And the most exciting part is that…

A distinctive feature of this year’s forum will be a unique train journey (Balkan Youth Express)  involving 36 young representatives and 18 decision-makers from the region. This journey, lasting from Elbasan to Durres, provides an opportunity to assess the progress since the WB Youth Forum’s 2022 declaration and to propose concrete actions and initiatives to bring those aspirations to fruition. Additional regional decision-makers will join the discussions alongside the youth participants, adding context to the proposed actions and fostering collaboration between both parties. The inclusion of a young artist tasked with creating a public graffiti artwork symbolizing WB youth aspirations further enriches the experience. Ultimately, the action points will be formally presented to stakeholders at the concluding event on October 8 and during the Ministerial Meeting scheduled for October 9.

A space for youth to be part of the dialogue – WB Youth Forum

The upcoming Berlin Process Tirana Summit, scheduled for October 16, will not only serve as a platform for high-level discussions but will also see the development of several side events. These pre-summit activities, including the WB Youth Forum, are set to be particularly impactful this year due to Albania’s dual role as the chair of RYCO and the host of the Berlin Process Summit. The signature annual event which is co-organized by RYCO and supported by the German and Albanian governments, serves as a platform for youth meaningful participation in a key event that contributes to the EU integration process of the Western Balkans region. Such a Forum brings the voices and perspectives of young people to the high-decision-making table of WB and EU actors. The forum will effectively aim to bridge the gap between young people and decision-makers through the framework of the Berlin Declaration of the WB Youth Forum 2022. 

Since 2014, the Berlin Process has aimed to improve and intensify regional integration. It is designed to help accelerate the entire region’s closer alignment with the EU. Among its notable achievements is establishing a significant institutional mechanism known as the Regional Youth Cooperation Office (RYCO), fostering connections among the youth in the area.

Who can participate in the event?

The primary audience for this series of events includes youth from across the Western Balkans and decision-makers active in the youth sector. This encompasses Youth and Education Ministers, young parliamentarians or members of the youth committee, as well as officials from National Youth Agencies. Young participants will be selected from RYCO youth activities based on applications detailing their interests and initial suggestions for actionable points.

Stay tuned for the forthcoming agenda, which will be shared on RYCO’s social media channels. The 2023 Berlin Process Summit in Tirana promises to not only showcase the region’s commitment to integration but also to empower its youth and solidify collaboration among decision-makers.


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