Western Balkans Youth Cultural Fund Regional Training for grantees in Mavrovo

Mavrovo – The RYCO Local Branch Office in Skopje in the period 21 – 24 of June organized a regional training for the selected grantees of the  2nd Open Call to assist them in implementing ideas about activism and social inclusion in their respective regions. 

 Over an engaging and productive weekend, our grantees immersed themselves in various aspects of activism and culture, bringing their project ideas to life. The training commenced with participants introducing themselves under the guidance of our skilled trainers. They explored key RYCO principles, which became the foundation for their planned activities. The training continued with the participants sharing their knowledge on culture, cultural policies, and potential changes. They created cultural maps and explored how culture is experienced in the daily life and how culture can influence the resolutions of conflicts, peacebuilding and establishing grounds for cooperation. 

 One of the sessions began with an energizing activity – “Walk, Look, Smile, Shake,” followed by a session on art and culture. Participants engaged in peer-to-peer mentorship discussions, the importance of critical analysis, and the reflection of culture in artistic projects. They were introduced to various tools of artivism and discussed the role of cultural activism and mediation. The day ended with group exercises on utilizing activist/artivist tools, culminating in presentations on the topic. 

 At the end, the participants presented their group projects on the implementation of activist/artivist tools, showcasing their innovative approaches and collaborative efforts. This intensive workshop equipped our grantees with valuable skills and knowledge to advance their activism and cultural projects.  

 Stay tuned for further developments and success stories from our dedicated grantees in the upcoming period.  


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