Youth go Hajde! New Year’s Meetup for Young Leaders from the Western Balkans

WESTERN BALKANS – After recently launching the youth platform “Hajde!”, RYCO wants to present it to you – the youth of the Western Balkans 🙂

The Hajde! platform was officially launched on 8 December, during the regional ministerial meeting on youth and education in Tirana. The platform has been developed based on inputs of more than 1500 young people who gave important reflections on what the youth need from a new digital media and how the platform should look like. It is designed to provide daily promotion of regional youth cooperation, youth experiences, opportunities, and storytelling.

RYCO’s aim is to inspire young people to seize the opportunities and embrace the positive change in their communities.

That is why it is our honor to invite you to participate in:

Youth go Hajde!

New Year’s Meetup for Young Leaders from the Western Balkans on

 28 December 2021

from 11.30 to 13.00 o’clock

Join us in celebrating the connections we have made throughout the region in the past years. We will once again connect people from across the Western Balkans to talk about shared experiences, thoughts, knowledge, youth connections and cooperation. From Sarajevo, as a central location, the event will connect with Belgrade, Skopje, Podgorica, Pristina and Tirana.

We will share stories, ideas and experiences on making positive changes lead by (you)th in the whole region. This is what the Hajde! platform is made of. It is a hot, new meeting place for all young people interested in taking part in events, opportunities, and news within the Western Balkans.

Register on the by clicking the button below and enjoy youth experiences and stories!

Hajde, register here

Youth go Hajde! You should too!

Your RYCO Team

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