Hajde, hurry up, a new Regional Platform for Youth Cooperation is waiting for You!

The ‘Hajde!’ platform (www.hajde.media) is a new online meeting place for all young people who are interested in active participation in and daily monitoring of interesting events, news and opportunities in the Western Balkans. On the platform, young people will have the opportunity to get to know each other, share their own experiences and gain useful knowledge and information about professional opportunities and events in the region.

‘Hajde!’ represents a constructive digital media space for young people from the region, which proves that barriers do not have to be obstacles but rather an opportunity for growth, development and successful regional cooperation. The name of the platform is characteristic because the word ‘hajde’ has the same meaning in all languages ​​in this area and because the symbolism of the imperative ‘hajde’ is an incentive for action and movement. Let’s cooperate, let’s create new values ​​and let’s move towards a better future.

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Branislava Kolarov, one of the young journalists who were works on the platform, said, “Having an opportunity to cover the stories about the similarities and uniqueness of our region, we were led by our professors as mentors in this journey. During this programme, we’ve built strong bonds with peers all across the region and this group of people and the bond we created we want to share it with our peers within the region through our journalistic work.”

One of the main goals of the ‘Hajde!’ platform is to promote a spirit of reconciliation and cooperation among the young people in the Western Balkans. Special emphasis is given to the importance of supporting youth cooperation through exchange programmes. This is the first platform of its kind. The youth platform was created by young people, by their ideas and through their visions.

Kiara Manja, another young journalist, said, “Shortly said, I am now more mature as an individual and more prepared as a professional; all thanks to this amazing experience. And if I can mention, I got spoiled working with amazing people who were always there to help and support no matter what. And all this made this experience more than just special.”

As a regional support platform, the ‘Hajde!’ platform offers easy and free access to young people to find content that will help them turn their plans and ideas into reality. Different categories from different fields can be found on the platform such as culture, sports, art, scholarships, jobs and internships, volunteering, workshops, conferences, competitions and grants.

By using the platform young people will have the opportunity to promote their ideas and to find and give new proposals for solving common problems in areas such as environment, natural and cultural heritage and public health as well as other content. It all depends on what area interests them. ‘Hajde!’ and RYCO give preference to young people because a better future and better societies start with YOUth.

The ‘Hajde!’ platform was officially launched on 8 December 2021, during a regional ministerial meeting on youth and education held in Tirana and organised by the Regional Youth Cooperation Office (RYCO), the Minister of State for Youth and Children of Albania and the Ministry of Education and Sports of Albania.

‘Hajde!’ is run by RYCO, which is a regional intergovernmental organisation established by the six governments of the Western Balkans with the aim of positively exchanging experiences between young people in the region.

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