Youth Representatives

Youth Representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Youth Representative of Serbia

Mr Kostić has graduated from the University of Bonn with a Master’s degree in European Studies in 2017 and from the University of Belgrade with a Master’s degree in Political Sciences in 2016. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Political Sciences, department of International relations, at the University of Belgrade. In 2016, Mr Kostić was awarded scholarship by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, in 2012, he was also “JoinEU – SEE” scholar funded by the European Commission at the University of Leuven, Belgium.

During his studies, Mr Kostić acted as a students’ representative and coordinated the implementation of the various projects and seminars on youth as a member of NGO „Centre for Social Dialogue and Regional Initiatives”. Before he assumed position of Youth Representative of Serbia in the RYCO Governing Board, Mr Kostić had worked in Bonn both at the United Nations Volunteers HQ and Deutsche Telekom AG HQ.

Youth Representative of Montenegro

Ms Andrea Mićanović is a student of the Faculty of Law (University of Montenegro), currently studying at the Faculty of Law of the University of Ljubljana. Andrea is a holder of both the University Student Award and the Capital City Student Award, and she is this year’s scholar of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

She has been active in the field of youth policy from her early age, firstly being the PR Manager of the High School Students Union of Montenegro, and then the President of the Governing Board of the same organization. Ms Mićanović was the Program Coordinator at the Youth Centre in Podgorica for two years, working with young people on a daily basis within the framework of non-formal education. She has held numerous workshops and trainings for youth from both Montenegro and across the region. As a representative of youth of Montenegro, Andrea has participated in many international conferences, youth summits and forums, such as the UN Economic and Social Council Youth Forum in New York in 2017, and the UN Office on Drugs and Crime Youth Forum in Vienna in the same year.

Youth Representative of North Macedonia
Mr Maleski is a Researcher and youth activist from Reactor - Research in Action and active in the youth field for the last nine years. During these nine years, he has been the President of the National Youth Council of Macedonia and represented the organization both nationally and internationally. Furthermore, he has participated in a number of events organized within the Berlin Process, by the European Youth Forum, the United Nations ECOSOC, the European Commission and the European Parliament.
He has also been an important voice advocating for more and better youth policies in North Macedonia and the region. In the past years, he has been working closely with the youth sector in addressing this need for new and better policies. He was also a youth representative in the working group for the development of the Law on Youth Participation and Youth Policies, which was designed in a unique participatory atmosphere together with representatives from the Parliament of North Macedonia. The work of the working group resulted in the first Law on Youth adopted in January 2020.

Youth Representative of Kosovo*

Mr Prapashtica has been a youth sector activist for a long time. During this time, he had a possibility to engage and cooperate with various non-governmental organizations by providing a significant contribution in implementing youth-related activities. Moreover, he served as a collaborator for local and international organizations and projects implemented in the field of youth empowerment, decision-making process as well as promotion of human rights. 

Mr Prapashtica has completed his studies in the field of justice and has been professionally engaged in the work of civil society organizations with a special focus on the protection and promotion of the rights of young people.

He considers his participation in numerous conferences and other local and international events as a good opportunity to expand his professional network and collaborations in relation to strengthening the role of youth in decision-making processes. 

Youth Representative of Albania

Ms Françeska Muço is an Albanian civil society activist. Since an early age, she has been very active and passionate about civil rights and youth engagement in democratic processes.

She has been designing and implementing several projects and advocacy campaigns related to youth and women empowerment, education, and media. Her activities include being part of consultants’ groups for designing several youth initiatives, action plans and law proposals that have enabled her to be a youth representative in several advisory boards at local and national level. Françeska is also very active in the public debates, through participation as a speaker in conferences, in awareness campaigns, TV shows and interviews.

Her professional experience is mostly related with projects implementation and fundraising within the European Union programs but also with donors in Albania.

Currently, she holds the position of the Secretary General of the Young Professionals Network of Albania.


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