Lührmann: Germany Is Ready to Keep Supporting RYCO

TIRANA – German Minister of State for Europe and Climate Ms Anna Lührmann paid a visit to the RYCO Head Office in Tirana on Tuesday, 18 January when she met with the RYCO Secretary General Mr Albert Hani. The counterparts discussed RYCO’s work and its achievements as well as the continuation of the German Federal Government’s support to the organization.

Mr Hani presented RYCO’s work and its achievements and said that the organization is ready to further strengthen cooperation in the Western Balkans. He added that youth cooperation can be a good example for enhancing cooperation among the politicians in the region and underlined that RYCO is receiving continuous support from all the governments in the region. Finally, he said that RYCO wishes to increase its advocacy efforts and scale up the partnership with the EU institutions and its member states, particularly with Germany and France.

Underlining that the Western Balkans is high on the list of priorities of her governments, Ms Lührmann spoke about her experience in the youth policy field and pointed out that Germany is ready to continue providing its political and financial support to RYCO. Furthermore, she expressed her readiness to help RYCO and its work being further promoted within the EU.

The meeting was attended by the representatives of the German Federal Government and German Embassy in Tirana as well as RYCO senior management –Deputy Secretary General Mr Denis Piplaš, Director of Programs Mr Jan Zlatan Kulenović, and Director of Operations Ms Valmira Kallushi.

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