RYCO Governing Board meeting marked the end of 2023 – Bosnia and Herzegovina takes over the Chairmanship in 2024

Tirana, 28 December – The 20th RYCO Governing Board (GB) meeting, organized under the Chairmanship of Albania, gathered together representatives of governments and youth from WB6 to evaluate results achieved in previous period, and set agenda for forthcoming year. At the same time, with this meeting Albania’s Chairmanship of the RYCO GB was concluded, as in 2024 Bosnia and Herzegovina will assume this role. Meeting was organized in a hybrid format, providing GB members to attend online via the Zoom platform.

Presenting results achieved in 2023, RYCO Secretary General Albert Hani stated that achievements should serve as both duty and motive to work even harder in upcoming period to bring new projects and chances to youth in the region. 

“RYCO has undergone a serious reform process, and it is ready to move forward and to become a leading policy actor in the region,” said SG Hani. 

In the past seven years RYCO has been promoting the spirit of reconciliation and cooperation between youth in Western Balkans through exchange programs and many other activities. 

“Taking a leading role in this process, RYCO creates ambience where opportunities open for youth in the region and where meaningful participation in decision-making processes is guaranteed,” stated RYCO Deputy Secretary General Denis Piplaš

The meeting served as an opportunity to introduce several new government and youth representatives of GB, as well as to discuss and adopt several policies related to programs, budget and organizational framework.


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