RYCO in Albania Meets JFC Naples Commander

TIRANA – RYCO Local Branch Officer in Albania Mr Kreshnik Loka met on 4 April with Commander of the Allied Joint Force Command Naples Admiral James Foggo at the US Embassy in Tirana to present RYCO and its work.

Mr Loka introduced Mr Foggo with the RYCO structure and its activities and emphasized the strong impact that the exchanges of good practices between young people can bring to the region. The Admiral shared his trust in the youth and pointed out their role in promoting safety in the world. Possible ways of cooperation with the aim of bringing the young people of the Western Balkans together were also discussed.

After the meeting, the Admiral presented the topics of safety and security captured from the work of NATO to a diverse group of young people.

The meeting was of a significant importance and is an affirmation of the echo that RYCO is producing outside of the region about the importance of having young people in the center of decision making processes and their role in ensuring peace and bringing changes in societies.

Photo: US Embassy in Tirana

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