RYCO Continues Strengthening Youth Representatives’ Role in Its Governing Board

SKOPJE – Initiated by the Youth Representatives in the RYCO Governing Board, the RYCO Secretariat organized a meeting to launch a process of strengthening the role young people are having in decision-making processes within the RYCO structures. The meeting hosted by the RYCO Local Branch Office in North Macedonia was held between five Youth Representatives and the RYCO Secretary General and Deputy Secretary General on Tuesday in Skopje.

The meeting addressed issues related to the role of the Youth Representatives within the Governing Board and identified political and structural challenges in exercising the main principles of co-management in the highest decision-making body of RYCO. The participants discussed and defined the next steps in improving their role further and strengthening their integrity in advocating and representing the interests of young people from the region within the organization.

RYCO strongly believes that young people should play an active role in all decision-making processes that concern them. Having this fact in mind, the RYCO Secretariat will keep investing in supporting the young people of the region in their endeavors of exercising such a role in their best interest.

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